What Happened on Lindley Street?

 In November of 1974, a tiny four room house at Lindley Street, Bridgeport, CT. attracted over 2,000 onlookers and backed up traffic for four blocks. The literal word on the street is it’s haunted. Newspapers, radio, and television stations throughout the U.S. and Canada told of the strange things happening there; such as police officers seeing a 450 pound refrigerator float up off the floor and rotate, objects flying off walls, and a 10-year old girl being pulled through the air until she hits the wall behind her.

 Unlike other alleged hauntings that take place in a rural house with no one to witness them, these incidents had over 40 credible witnesses including a police lieutenant, a police captain, two fire chiefs, police officers, firefighters, two priests, neighbors, extended family, a seminary student, reporters and even onlookers – making this the most documented haunting in history. The author has been given access to all of the interviews conducted in 1974-1975 from a scientific investigation into the haunting. 

 Despite interest, numerous witnesses, and the story spreading throughout the Country, a book has never been written telling the details of what really happened at the Lindley house. The police superintendent announced that Marcia Goodin, their 10-year old adopted daughter, created a hoax and made the house look haunted. Even though the superintendent said the case was closed, police officers continued to offer the family protection. And the witnesses said the hoax story was a quick and necessary ploy to get rid of the crowd that was camping outside, forcing the closing of the street, causing trouble and property damage, and using up valuable police resources. 

The police and firefighters who witnessed these bizarre events never retracted what they reported even though they endured long lasting ridicule from their peers. Lindley Street: The Most Witnessed True Haunting in History will reveal the truth that has been kept from the public. Through new witness interviews and access to the never before released witness interview tapes from the 1975 investigation, the author will reveal the struggles, fears, anxiety, and frustrations of an otherwise ordinary low income family being hurled into the court of public opinion due to the terror that invaded their humble little home.