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More Haunted House Diaries!

APRIL 24, 2015: I have four tape Recorders and none of them work. I finally got one to sort of work, so I'm putting it in the kitchen tonight. I was at the kitchen sink taking a pill and there was this real breathless whistling right behind me. Odd, because for the last day or so I've been having the feeling that something was behind me, and my chain rolled a couple of times. Earlier I saw a couple of gray shapeless things move across the floor. So, I'm going to put the recorder in the kitchen and hope it continues to work so I can see if I get something.our paragraph here.

MAY 3, 2015: I've heard the term pennies from heaven, but this morning there was an uncreased, unused two dollar bill prominently placed in the center of my living room rug when I got up. I don't know if spirits can materialize money or not, but I can't help but think that somewhere in the world this morning a collector is looking over his pages of 2 dollar bills and saying where the hell did this one go? 

MAY 9, 2015: I am sitting here in the chair quietly before turning in and I just heard a music box playing in the room with me. In the corner hutch there are a couple, but this sound came from the area between the bathroom and kitchen door on the other side of the room.

MAY 22, 2015: Just about 5 minutes ago, I was out on the back porch with the dogs and I saw something in the NY sky moving toward my direction at 9:50 pm. There were no clouds and I could see all the stars. It looked like two white headlights side by side and was as high as the jets that pass over. The lights seemed to turn off and then back on three or four times and then they went off. I listened and it was dead quiet, no sound of a plane whatsoever. Within about two minutes, the lights turned back on but this time they were heading toward the north and were almost in the same spot as they had been. They turned off again and next time they turned on they were facing me again almost in the same spot. There was no sound. Then they shut off and never came back on. I scanned the sky for a long time and it never reappeared. I could see no shape it was too high. On another note, I saw a very large military truck driven by a man dressed in military uniform driving on route 202 heading toward the west. I hit two lights and got lost in traffic. It looked like a dump truck and had a lot of wheels and was painted camoflage.  

MAY 30, 2015: It's been pretty quiet around here except for some banging and a few footsteps. Tonight I was on the the phone with Michelle when I was letting the dogs in from the back porch. I closed the door and turned toward the sink to grab a glass of water and a bright white orb streaked past my left shoulder. It was bright and about the size of a golf ball, maybe a bit smaller. I caught sight of it when it came into view in my side vision and snapped my head around in time to see it fully. It had a streak behind it. I only caught it for a second or two. Then it just disappeared before it got to the wall. What's odd is the second it disappeared, my legs from my hips to my ankles started to burn - like when you get goosebumps - but with a burning sensation. That lasted a full five minutes and after that it was still prickling. Michelle overheard the whole thing. So, even though the book is done, life here is the 

JUNE 21, 2015: I know all too well how random things are around here, but these two are very strange and really have no particular meaning. This morning I woke up and rolled over to check on the dog to make sure he was breathing OK. I laid back down and something suddenly rose up under my feet and ankles. It came from the layers of the mattress and was about the size of an upside down bowl. It didn't feel firm, it just rose up and lifted my feet briefly - very quickly - and then dropped back down. A split second later, what appeared to be large bubble sized bumps came up around the area and then went back down. I know how weird this sounds but it happened. I sat up and felt all around the bed and the mattress was flat. Later that day we we went out. Yesterday, I had to wear a different pair if glasses because the ones I usually leave in the car were nowhere to be found. So we get in the car and drive to my daughters for dinner. It rained while we were there, and when we left, I went to wipe the water off the drivers side mirror. My glasses were completely bent around the mirror and covered with rain. I drove the car twice and they would have been noticed from the seat. I always keep them in the console between the was just a very odd day. 

JULY 19, 2015 I am having a hard time trying to keep my kitchen cabinets closed tonight. I went to put the dog out and nothing was amiss.I came back in and three of the overhead cabinets were open. I closed them and turned off the light. I came back in to plug the charger into my tablet and now two doors were open. I decided to let you know about it and a cold breeze blew against my legs. I just looked up to see what was going on and the curtains were pushed aside. I closed them earlier. I have been yelling at Bob to close drawers in the kitchen for a couple of days and he said he does. (Poor Bob!) Two nights ago after he was in bed, I put the dog out and when I came back in, the drawer by the back door was fully out. The doors and drawers do not open on their own - they close very tight.